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"From ecological point of view"

Since 2006, Forest Avenue was raised by the idea to design woven panels and borders with natural woven branches.


The Fiber is a synthetic branch, UV-resistant and washable, available in a large pallet of colors or can be treated with wood fibers to create a natural effect and will become grey in time. Forest Avenue offers besides standard panels also a broad range of measure work such as sunscreens, flowerpots, railing gates and much more. The client has the choice between single or double weaving in order to have transparency or privacy. The panels by Forest Avenue are extremely original, very high quality and very easy in maintenance. With a single use of a high pressure water machine, the Fiber is cleaned within no time.

The Fiber by Forest Avenue offers a very durable, high quality and elegant solution for your garden, terrace and much more. This is a unique innovation; moreover… this is made in Belgium.

"Partnership in innovation"

Forest Avenue aims at "made in Belgium" products by "standard" and "measure-made" woven panels. Therefore, Forest Avenue & Co choose to cooperate with Belgian knowledge and Belgian production houses

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